Your Heart Cannot Handle The Wheelchair Agility Dog

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.01.13 11 Comments

This is Zip.

Zip won five championships in agility before an accident left her paralyzed. Now, they take the bars off for her and let her run between the posts, and she still makes little jumps as she goes through them and oh my God my heart.

Video is below. Warning: HIS LITTLE JUMPS, OH MY GOD.

I chose to feature a quote from an extremely in-Spanish website that specializes in dogs in doggie wheelchairs, because when you run it through Google translate it gets even more inspirational.

The owner of the dog said: “Zip has taught me many lessons, one of them is that you can not let a disability you dessert on a couch.” “Many are already those who have told me they were going through a difficult time in their lives and to see if Zip gave them hope and grabbed the problem by the horns”.

Revenue received by Zip displaying and guide Sue went to cancer research in dogs.

So if you take only one thing away from Zip’s never-say-die attitude, it’s that the worst thing you can do is dessert on a couch. I love you, Zip.

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