A Riot Broke Out At A Wheelchair Basketball Game Because No Event Is Safe From Idiots

In Germany, a monster brawl broke out during a wheelchair basketball game involving about 60 fans wielding weapons including knives and baseball bats, according to the Guardian. Of the people involved, a handful had to be a taken to a local hospital. Thankfully, though, no one was seriously injured.

“The game had to be abandoned and seven fans were taken to nearby hospitals. Six of them were released after receiving treatment,” a police statement obtained by The Guardian read.

Exactly what caused the fight and ensuing riot isn’t immediately known, but brawls at these events are not a new phenomenon. This happened in 2012:

The incident is not the first between the clubs at a wheelchair basketball match. Back in 2012, fans of the two sides had to be separated by riot police using teargas in Istanbul. Fans of the two clubs are banned from visiting opposing grounds for football and basketball games but the ban does not extend to wheelchair basketball.

Whatever organization runs this sport needs to step in. People need to be held accountable. This cannot go on.

(Via the Guardian)