Wheelchair Boxing Is Next Big Thing

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03.15.11 2 Comments

Ian Cannon is a freshman at the University of Hartford and he is confined to a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia. But queue up the pun machine, sports reporters, because he is fighting… literally. For over three years, Cannon has been running a program called “Roll with the Punches” which serves as an exercise program for people in wheelchairs while teaching them how to box.

From his mission statement:

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES, wheelchair boxing, is the creation and dream of seventeen-year-old, Glastonbury Connecticut native, Ian Cannon. The program was developed as a way to help people who are wheelchair bound to strengthen their muscles and gain flexibility and confidence. Ian, who has cerebral palsy, uses his training techniques to gain strength, but does not dismiss the benefits of how his training has helpled him mentally. (Via The Lions Den)

I have to admit that I saw the “standing O” headline and kind of looked around to make sure that none of the handicapped people in my house were glaring at me. But I’m going to keep an eye on this program, mainly because I feel it may take away some of the thunder from my toddler fight club. Damn good people and their awesome causes.

Recent NBC Connecticut report on Cannon’s Punches after the jump…

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