White Folk Falling: The Best Of Segway Fails

“Doing segway” is a sport, right? It’s a thing with wheels. That’s sports enough for me.

Anyway, World Wide Interweb’s latest video of Segway fails is delightful, and a lengthy, illustrated example of why we should not create those Wall-E chairs that let us float around as fat people in space. Highlights include the girl in the banner image running into a wall and getting trapped under her own giant walking device, a bomb squad guy (?) faceplanting, and that horrible thing that happens where you try to catch your balance and end up crotching yourself on the handlebars.

Video is below.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I should say mean things about the people in the compilation, but the YouTube comments helped me out a little by saying every mean thing imaginable. So if you feel bad about thinking that they are hilarious jerks, go right ahead, because somebody else said this:

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