Who Is The Most Popular College Football Team In Your State?

08.28.14 4 years ago 24 Comments
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Ticket City

Full disclosure, I’m not big on these maps. I find 90% of them to be awfully annoying, full of made-up BS and rampant homerism. But this one I like. This one’s good because A&M took over the state of Texas. And that beautiful, that’s like A+ trolling. I don’t care how long Johnny Football played in College Station, I don’t care that he won the Heisman, I don’t care about Kevin Sumlin. There’s absolutely no way the Aggies are more popular than the Longhorns. No freakin way. But TicketCity claims that’s the case.

According to TicketCity, Texas A&M has a huge following on social media with twice as many Twitter followers and five times as many Facebook fans. Couple that with the fact that their tickets are averaging a higher price than the Longhorns and the Aggies easily are now the most popular team in the state.

Like I said, made-up BS. But whatever, I laughed. Go Aggies.

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