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Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown missed two field goals in the Monday night game–the latter of which would have sent the game into overtime–as the Vince Young Tries Really Hard In Games Played In Texas Postulate was proven yet again, as Young’s Tennessee Titans (4-6) beat their division rival in Houston, 20-17.

“The frustrating part for me is, we have 44 guys out there, busting their tails, and one guy out there not doing his job, which is me,” Brown said. “That’s the reason we lose the game. That’s hard. I’ve got to figure out what the heck’s going on, and I need to figure it out pretty quick.” –CBSsports.com

Vince Young wasn’t impressive statistically, but played with poise and confidence both while in the pocket and running the occasional option. Yes, an NFL quarterback was running the option. Jeff Fisher really wants Kerry Collins back under center. But Chris Johnson was the man of the hour, rushing 29 times (!) for 151 yards. For Houston (5-5), Matt Schaub threw for 305 and 2 TDs, while Steve Slaton continues his quiet rape of fantasy owners everywhere with a facepalmingly awful 21 yards on 5 carries.

This is where I’d comment on the Cro-Magnon stylings of the ESPN broadcast team, but they didn’t seem so bad last night. It helps when you miss the entire first half watching House compare Omar Epps to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (finally!) and preparing notes for an interview that never really panned out, but even Gruden seemed more subdued than usual. Obviously the ESPN prescription benefits plan kicked in at some point last week. Ritalin’s always cheaper on the company’s dime.

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