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The NFL’s Pro Bowlers are gathered in Hawaii for a week of “practice” before the “big game” this weekend, but all they still have time between all those long practices to sit by the pool and goof off.  Check out the prank Peyton Manning pulled off on Jay Cutler as the Pro Bowlers gathered around the hotel pool (emphasis added):

[S]uddenly the Broncos’ quarterback had 300-pound Nick Mangold pushing from one side, 310-pound Kris Dielman holding the other and his cellphone swindled into the hands of a coy Peyton Manning.

Cutler’s radar had gone up, but he never had a chance. Splash! […] Great fun. Big laughs. There was just one problem. Cutler is a Type 1 diabetic, and in his pocket was his blood-sugar monitor… The monitor was fried by the chlorinated water…

“It was a bad audible on our part,” Manning said. “I think we were thinking right, trying to get the cellphone. Then we realize, the guy gets insulin shots. We missed that.”

Awesome prank.  It dovetailed nicely with them stealing Cutler’s candy bars and swapping out his Coke with Diet Coke.  Then, before Cutler fell into a coma, he told Manning to go f-ck himself, and Peyton was all, “Thank you, I WILL go f-ck myself.”

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