Will Ferrell Brought Back Harry Caray To Celebrate The Cubs First World Series In 71 Years

Entertainment Writer

The bittersweet part of the Cubs first World Series in 71 years is that longtime Cubs announcer Harry Caray isn’t around to see it. Luckily, Will Ferrell is still around and he brought back his version of Caray from Saturday Night Live during a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Much like the SNL sketches from those late 90s days, Caray is full on wildman that enjoys a good beer and leads all discussion to the weirdest corners of existence before coming back to some quality baseball announcing.

He talks the Cubbies chances in the World Series in between talking his love of Budweiser and giving some play-by-play on one of Kimmel’s appearances at the All-Star Game softball game, with some pretty harsh lines about Kimmel’s weight at the time. Harsh and funny.

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