Will Ferrell Returned To ‘SNL’ To Put George W. Bush Into The 2016 Presidential Race

Will Ferrell kicked off SNL last night by returning to an impression that many claimed helped elect a president: George W. Bush. Given that was a claim from the SNL documentary, so who knows. The clear fact is that Ferrell was back in form as W., tossing his hat into the ring for the 2016 presidential race and running down all the weaknesses of the current slate of candidates.

Not only did we get to the black mark of Leprechaun relations with the United States, a hefty comparison to Donald Trump’s policy on Muslims, but we also get the comparison between Jeb Bush and his older, smarter brother. There’s also some smack tossed at the “low-talking” Ben Carson and a heck of an idea for a Rubio and Cruz law firm — something they should hop on immediately as opposed to running for president.

But the best is how Bush talks about himself. That “not very educated, but reliable” bus driver that only gets into as little as four accidents a year. We do know that guy, and he’s a guy that provided us with many years of great comedy and some painful bickering. And a war or two, sure, but it’s mostly about the comedy. He also gave us this, likely the best presidential moment in the past twenty years:

(Via SNL)

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