With Leather Formally Asks You To Vote ‘Fat Brewers Fan’ For MLB Fan Cave 2013

Here’s the contest:

The MLB Fan Cave 2013 contest has been narrowed down to 50 finalists. Watch and vote for your favorite contestant videos below. From now until February 13, you can vote for as many of your favorite videos as you want and spread the word by sharing on social media. Thirty contestants will be invited to Spring Training to audition to be the 2013 Fan Cave Dwellers.

I don’t want to tell you who to vote for, but there’s really only one choice: Pete Gourlie, a Milwaukee Brewers fan who has a dog (pictured), wears a Brewers jersey under his mattress shop workshirt and wistfully remembers the 1990s as the time when he got into concessions and tailgating and all his clothes stopped fitting. It’s absolutely adorable, especially when he puts on his tiny Brewers helmet and brags via infographic about how it comes equipped with a radio.

Here’s the clip. Fall in love, then go vote for him in the thing.

If that embed doesn’t work (and it might not, because Major League Baseball still hasn’t figured out how computers work), just head over to his page and watch it there. Trust me, it’s worth it. Don’t forget to vote for him while you’re there.

If you won’t do it for Pete, do it for the pickle with a bat.

[h/t to Bobby Big Wheel via Rob Iracane