With Leather’s Watch This: NBA Players Read The Mean Tweets People Send Them

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My favorite part of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition” is that the mean Tweet they chose to have Bill Simmons read was so vanilla and plain. Come on, if that was the meanest Tweet they could find about Simmons, they spent about a whole six seconds trying. Go pull up Twitter right now and see how long it takes for someone to write something mean about Simmons. You shouldn’t have to wait more than a minute or two, tops. Hell, the Tweet might just be from me.

NBA Finals

Game 3: Heat at Spurs – 9 PM ET on ABC

Make sure you head on over to The Smoking Section for their live chat for tonight’s game. My prediction is that LeBron James blocks another Spurs player and everyone flips out again because his blocks are like visions into God’s eyes apparently.

LeBron Block

MLB: Reds at Cubs – 8 PM ET on WGN

I hope the whole game looks like this again.

Foggy Wrigley

World Cup Qualifying: U.S. vs. Panama – 10 PM ET on ESPN

I love how the soccer has the most corrupt governing body in the world (allegedly, of course) and they still bother having qualifying matches for the World Cup. Why not just let every team in that wants to pay $20 million and buy Sepp Blatter a new mega-yacht? That way we could just watch the U.S. play in these “qualifying” matches and not have to worry about losing all the time.

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