With Leather’s Watch This: Nick O’Leary’s Motorcycle Crash Will Leave You Speechless

Back on May 2, according to Tomahawk Nation, Florida State Seminoles tight end Nick O’Leary (grandson of Jack Nicklaus) was in a horrifying-looking accident when his motorcycle struck the front end of a Lexus that apparently pulled out into a street without establishing right of way. As you can see in the above video, O’Leary’s motorcycle hit the car, causing him to fly forward while I looked away from my monitor and shrieked.

Amazingly and thankfully, O’Leary was fine, as he simply got up and walked away from the crash. Meanwhile, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher has stated that O’Leary “was banged up for about a month” but otherwise “looks very good.”

All I’ve got is WOW.

MLB: Cubs at Diamondbacks – 9:30 PM ET on WGN

Dear WGN, please air 30 Rock reruns instead.


Me. And probably some Cubs fans.

CFL: Edmonton at Montreal

I pulled up the Edmonton roster to see if I recognized any former NFL players’ names to make jokes about them and, of course, the only guy that jumped out at me was Joe Burnett, who was one of my favorite all-time players at UCF. Maybe the Eskimos will sign Kevin Smith and Mike Sims-Walker so I can become a CFL fan now.

World Series of Beach Volleyball – 8 PM ET on NBC Sports

Maybe the first time I’d ever consider watching NBC Sports for anything non-Michelle Beadle related. But the network still pays Mike Florio to pretend that he’s a football expert, so I will still pass.