With Leather’s Watch This: Some Pro Golfers Tried The Happy Gilmore Tee Shot

I’ve always thought that the PGA should host a sort of an all-star event each year, perhaps after the first two majors have been played, and just have a weekend for the world’s top players to get together and compete at a bunch of different, unique events, like the NBA Skills Challenge but for golf. And I know that there already is a skills challenge tournament, but I’m talking about crazy, fun events like hitting drives at moving targets and playing a hole blindfolded. Each event earns a certain amount of points and at the end, some random golfer gets a cool, new trophy. There might also be Hooters waitresses involved.

The first event could be the Happy Gilmore swing contest, like the golfers tried in the video above. Padraig Harrington would earn 500 points and Phil Mickelson would be punched in the groin.

(Via Deadspin)

MLB All-Star Game: Home Run Derby – 8 PM ET

I really wish that Chris Davis would sit out the Derby tonight. I understand that since he has 37 home runs at the break, everyone wants to see him keep socking dingers, but I’d really like to see him try to get close to Roger Maris’ 61 home runs from 1961, and I’d hate for him to suffer the post-All-Star Game funk and have his amazing season harmed.

But I could also settle for him being in the Derby if he comes out to the Harlem Globetrotters’ music and throws a pee cup full of confetti in Bud Selig’s face.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

Did you watch the Money in the Bank PPV last night? You should have, because we had one heck of a live discussion going and people were like, “Yeah, that guy put the money in the bank!” or whatever they yell while watching. I’m a very literal sports fan sometimes.