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The WTA features such stars like Ana Ivanovic, with her warm smile and natural beauty; Maria Sharapova, with her willowy limbs and blond locks; and Jelena Jankovic, with her… body.  But the women’s bodies are covered up, as the tour closes its season with the WTA Championship in Qatar.  Thanks, Islam!

Silhouettes instead of photographs, and computer manipulation to conceal thighs: that is how Qatar promoted this week’s season-ending WTA Championship. For years the WTA has appealed to sensuality to sell its stars, but the first experience of a Masters tournament in the Middle East left it with no alternative but to moderate its presentations. […]

Qatar, which has experienced an opening to Western culture over the past few years, understood that change cannot happen overnight. So on the streets there is no sign of the WTA’s classic advertising posters, showing off the beauty of Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic and company.

I heard an interesting viewpoint from someone who said that, in a way, Islamic culture is more respectful to women because it keeps their bodies covered up, while Western culture exposes and exploits them.  And that’s a fair point.  What do you say, ladies?  Aren’t you tired of voting and having jobs?

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