Everybody Needs To Send Their Christmas Cards To This Kid Immediately

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12.27.12 4 Comments

When it comes to Christmas and birthday cards, I’ve always been a lot like Jerry Seinfeld in the sense that I’ve never known how long you’re supposed to keep a card for. I mean, it’s just a piece of paper with something already written on it, and then your mom’s or a hot Asian model’s signature. But just to be safe, I now have a box of cards that I keep in my home office (AKA the Fart Factory) in case one of my insane relatives ever calls and demands to see whatever Snoopy joke they sent me in 2002. And now I just want to scratch my name out and send all of those cards to 9-year old Dalton Dingus in Kentucky.

Dalton is dying from cystic fibrosis and his one wish is to break the Guinness World Record for receiving the most Christmas cards. It started as something with his family, friends and neighbors, but then, as always, the Internet went to work. Excuse me while I set the world record for most allergic reactions.

As far as his mother, Jessica Dingus, is concerned, “It’s a Christmas miracle.”

At first, the cards came in slowly. A family friend had posted an appeal for well-wishes on Facebook. Dalton’s mother would display them on the mantel and in his room beside his bed. Most came from neighbors and friends, a few from friends of friends.

That first post on Facebook went viral, spreading across the Internet, getting picked up by a local newspaper and other media.

Miss Kentucky showed up at Dalton’s house in Salyersville, Ky., carrying some cards. So did a unit of Kentucky State Troopers and the star of Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman.”

By Wednesday, his mother estimated the boy had received 504,269 cards. (Via ABC News)

To put this into perspective, Dalton was given eight days to live in October, and he’s fought through that. Now that all of these cards are pouring in – 30,000 on Christmas Eve alone – he’s feeling better and smiling more than ever. In fact, so many cards are still coming in that Dalton’s grandfather’s church has 50 volunteers sorting them. Seriously, just go read the rest of the story. It’s pretty awesome.

And if you have a wild hair, you can send a card to:

Dalton Dingus

HC 62 Box 1249

Salyersville, KY 41465

Between this kid and Roadhouse, I’m starting to think that Dalton is the most badass name of all-time.

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