Holy Sh*t: The Worst Ski Jump Attempt Ever

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.21.13 8 Comments

The adorable banner at the beginning of this video reads FLY UP HIGHER OUR JUMPERS. Little did they know they’d be witnessing a Daiki Ito fly lower than any man in history.

The YouTube description doesn’t do it justice:

The japanese ski jumper Daiki Ito slips on the jump from the beam and head down the ramp track. Fortunately, he is stopped just before takeoff.

Firstly, it doesn’t look like he slipped at all; it looks like he’s never been on a pair of skis before and is trying out the “pizza, french fries” gag from ‘South Park’. Secondly, there’s no “fortunately” about him being stopped before takeoff. Ito earned every second of the hilarity that would’ve come from watching him ass-slide off a ski jump ramp, and the guy who stopped him should be barred from these types of events for life.

Next time you “slip,” just fold your arms over your chest and pretend you’re on a waterslide.

[h/t to Daily Of The Day]

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