WWE Champion’s Sock Up For Auction: The Legacy of Foley’s ‘Mr. Socko’

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05.05.11 10 Comments

Multiple-time WWE and TNA Champion Mick Foley is auctioning off some of his memorable pro wrestling accessories to benefit charity, including his famous “Cactus Jack” thumbtack-filled leopard-print boots, autographed books, and, yes, the sock he wore on his hand when he won his first WWF title. For those of you who haven’t spent a large chunk of your life watching wrestling, Foley is famous for pulling a sock out of his pants, putting it on his hand and stuffing it into his opponent’s mouth. Also, the sock has a face on it. Wrestling is weird.
The auctions are going on now, with “Mr. Socko” bringing in over $400 at the time of this posting. 100% of the proceeds go to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, so if you’ve ever wanted to buy a size 52 Florida Marlins jersey or a leather wristband that has been in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s mouth (and who hasn’t?), this is the best and most helpful way to do it.
Mr. Socko is a WWE legend, so in honor of his passing and Foley’s generosity, check out this gallery of the most memorable moments in the career of a stinky piece of footwear, and the nice guy who always wore it incorrectly.

In case you’re still going “what the hell is this, why did I click this, what is going on,” this Raw 15th Anniversary recap of Mr. Socko’s first appearance should get you up to speed. Mr. McMahon was great before he made his strut ironic and started dressing like a Cuban pimp.

This may be the only time in pro wrestling history that a birthday cake was introduced and not thrown into somebody’s face. Watch in amazement as Mick Foley seriously cuts a cake using a sock and his forearm.

Yeah, I’m sorry, pro wrestling is mostly just birthday parties. Mankind’s ill-fated attempt to ingratiate himself to the Rock (it wasn’t even his birthday) features $500 shirts, copious references to “poontang pie,” and the debut of Mr. Socko’s friend “Mr. Rocko.” It is more or less what you think it’s going to be. Fun fact: Somehow, this is the highest rated television segment in pro wrestling history.

“Buy this $35 pay-per-view and we will send you one sock.”

Mankind takes on “The Corporation” and somehow wins by grabbing Pat Patterson’s balls for about a half an hour, then putting a sock on his hand and punching people.

Val Venis is a wrestling porn star with an enormous penis, but he wants it to be bigger. So he steals Mr. Rocko, rolls him up and shoves him down the front of his pants. Mankind confronts him, and what transpires is the most thorough use of double-entendre in WWE history. So thorough, in fact, that the most subtle sex joke they’ve made since is Candice Michelle getting a blowjob (somehow) under a cookout table.

Not a lot happens in this video, but it’s the best one in the gallery simply for Michael Cole’s amazing sell at the end.

A lot of great tag teams go their whole career without winning tag team gold. Mick Foley won the tag team titles from the Big Show and the Undertaker with a sock and the slight movement of his hand.

Mr. Socko goes hardcore against Edge (and Lita), with an amazing call from Joey Styles.

…and to end the presentation, a clip of the biggest stars in modern WWE history all beating up Vince McMahon, capped off by a vulgar word from the sock. The foreign commentary is still better than Josh Mathews.

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