WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/20/12: Sorry I Let Everyone Down

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08.20.12 3,055 Comments

Triple H facepalm Summerslam

Hello, Internet wrestling fans!

As you’re reading this, I’m probably on an airplane back to Austin following a week in San Francisco and a weekend in Las Vegas SummerSlamming. That means the scheduling for the Best And Worst Of Raw reports will be a little staggered … Best and Worst Of SummerSlam should be up as early as Tuesday morning, and I’ll make sure to get a Raw report out quickly thereafter. Or maybe Raw first and SummerSlam on Wednesday? Let me know what would work best for you guys.

No Raw preview up as I’m writing, so I’ll make one up:

After an HELLACIOUS Perfect Storm at SummerSlam, WWE C.O.O. Triple H has a broken-ish arm, a newly-developed disdain for small children and a bone to pick with Brock Lesnar. Now that it’s Monday afternoon and Triple H is totally healed, what will The Game have to say on Raw? Also on the show, CM Punk does a thing.

Don’t forget our gimmick of giving the 10 best comments from the open discussion thread a spot in the Best And Worst Of Raw column. You can nominate a comment by replying to it with a +1. Those reports will be good, I promise.

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