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If you’re a huge Brett Favre fan and wish to consummate that love by purchasing a 2007 Ford F150 that he previously owned, eBay Motors would like to have a word with you. This truck is just having fun over there:

This truck is owned by Brett Favre. He will sign the dashboard upon the request of the buyer. This truck is well equipped with an Alpine Stereo (see photos), Fab-tech Lift Kit, Modified Intake System (see photos), SuperChips Programmer, MKW Wheels, Bed Cover, and upgraded Fender Flares. That adds up to about $10,000 dollars in add-on options.

What, no trucknuts? No Conway Twitty 8-tracks? And you reeeally expect us to believe that this was Brett Favre’s truck? I suppose the only way we’d know for sure is if we bought it and then six months later Favre asked to have it back. Or if Aaron Rogers bought it and then crashed it later that day. Or if the Jets leased it for a year. Did I get to the end of the image yet?

[as found by Green Bay Booze and Broads, img cred]

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