You Need To See This Incredible 365-Foot Disc-Golf Ace

Somewhere in the gigantic, wooded area in the video above, there is a basket that disc-golf players attempt to throw Frisbees into. You can kind of see the little yellow flag that marks the goal 365 feet in the distance. Still, with how many trees there are, that looks like it’s nearly impossible to score a hole-in-one, right?

Not for frolf-er Dave Feldberg, the No. 1,032-ranked disc-golf player in the world. He competed at the Maple Hill Open in Massachusetts over the weekend, where he took on this hole and somehow managed to hit an ace — partly because he was able to get a fortuitous bounce off the ground right next to the basket.

Feldberg ended up shooting -12 at the event and took home $1,175 after tying for seventh place. We have no idea if he got any additional money for having what was certainly the shot of the tournament, but he definitely deserved to.

(Via The Disc Eye)