Zdeno Chara Thinks It’s Hilarious That You’re Trying To Fight Him

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.21.14 12 Comments
Zdeno Chara Brendan Smith


During Sunday’s Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Quarter Finals between the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings, Brendan Smith got it into his head that he was gonna go Fedor on Zdeno Chara’s Choi Hong-man. A fight almost happened.


Chara thought it was hilarious — the look on his face in that header image is the look on his face for the entire fight — but cooler heads that still want to be attached to necks prevailed. It’s like one of those random encounters in Final Fantasy games where everything seems fine but suddenly you’re fighting a dinosaur with lasers coming out of its mouth or whatever and have to flee. I expected Smith to start swinging and Chara to start doing the Anderson Silva dodge.

Here’s the fight. Lost in the clip somewhere is a lesson about not tugging on Superman’s cape, not spitting in the wind, etc.

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