Cure Your Coachella FOMO With These Wild Festival Photos From Weekend One

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It may feel like absolutely everyone was at Coachella this weekend, but that’s not true! You weren’t there. Your grandparents weren’t there. And….what’s that? Oh. Your grandparents scored tickets last minute and then hit all the after parties? Huh. Yeah, we take it back, you should feel a little bad about that. The point is though, if you weren’t there this weekend, and you’re feeling bummed, you’re not alone.

We all love music festivals — at the least, we assume everyone who clicked on this article probably does — but we can’t attend every one every year. And whatever kept you from descending upon the desert this April, distance, working, money issues, we feel that pain. But this is the internet! Missing out doesn’t mean you have to totally miss out.

So, we’ve scoured the web for the Coachella Weekend One photos that best capture the spirit and energy of one of the biggest and best music festival experiences of the whole year. These pics will give you a sense of the style, parties, and beautiful people jamming out to the world’s hottest acts. And whether you’re going next weekend or thinking about next year, they’ll hype you up for the experience.

So, put “Thank U, Next” on repeat, and cure your Coachella FOMO with the best photos from Weekend One.

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