The Head-To-Toe Streetwear Gift Guide For The Woman In Your Life

Despite much of 2020 feeling like a living nightmare, all that extra time at home gave us an opportunity to put renewed focus on the things that really matter to us. Like personal comfort. With all the Zoom meetings and experience working from home we’ve endured, somewhere along the way, we pretty much all collectively agreed to stop wearing “real pants” outside in the post-pandemic era.

Tight skinny jeans over leggings? Nope. Heels over sneakers? Absolutely f*cking not. We’re all in on streetwear now. The whole entire culture is IN!

As we enter 2022, sweatpants, baggy tees, and a fresh pair of new Airs are not only acceptable for everyday wear, but they’re among the must-have staples in every woman’s closet. Athleisure and laidback ensembles are spotted on both Instagram’s coolest influencers and the most style-forward models (much of it un-gendered). And it doesn’t seem like this current movement is going anywhere any time soon.

Meaning the holidays are the perfect time to help the wardrobe-loving woman or female-identifying person in your life (or really anyone and everyone who likes the gear we’re featuring) stock up on the latest streetwear essentials. Below, we’re sharing a head-to-toe gift guide of streetwear items that inspire joy in a major way.

Princess Polly Vintage Bucket Hat

Bucket hat streetwear
Via Princess Polly

Price: $30

Bucket hats are the cherry on top (literally) of any streetwear outfit. This black, vintage-inspired option pairs well with pretty much anything, and it provides an effortlessly understated way to stand out. The soft corduroy design is also a great tool for keeping warm and comfortable during the colder months without sacrificing style. If you’re not sure what to gift to your girl for the holidays, a basic bucket hat is good place to start.

Get it here.

Quay In Demand Sunglasses

Streetwear Gift Guide 2021
Via Quay

Price: $55

Accessories are a woman’s best friend, especially when it comes to taking a fit from getting a few compliments to seriously turning heads. These bold, orange sunnies add a pop of fun color that can take any streetwear look up a notch. They’re ideal for any woman who’s not afraid to make a statement and experiment with her style.

Get them here.

Reformation Hunter Classic Sweatshirt & Boyfriend Sweatpants

matching sweatsuit reformation
Via Reformation

Price: $58 (sweatshirt), $78 (sweatpants)

A matching sweatsuit is the quintessential staple of women’s streetwear. Available in several different colors, this set from Reformation offers a relaxed yet flattering fit. Whether she’s running errands or heading out to lunch with friends, sweatsuits are the ultimate casual, winter-ready outfit. The best part is that nobody will know if she went to sleep in it, rolled out of bed, and then continued on with her day in the same clothes.

Get it here and here.

Garage Boyfriend Tee

Streetwear Gift Guide 2021
Via Garage

Price: $29.95

Graphic tees are some of the most versatile, as well as most comfortable, streetwear items a woman can own. A good T-shirt and jeans combo say: “I’m not trying that hard but I still look hot AF.” Garage offers 22 different colors and designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find a graphic tee that matches the vibe of the person you’re shopping for.

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Beginning Boutique Safia White Crop Top

Streetewear Holiday Gift Guide 2021
Via Beginning Boutique

Price: $29.99

You really can never have too many white crop tops in your dresser. It’s an essential to every woman’s wardrobe — no matter what style of dress you typically wear. When it comes to street clothes, crop tops are perfect to pair with sweats, jeans, and basically any other item of clothing you can dream up. They’re an all-around winner. But between spills and pit stains, white tanks and tees need to be tossed more often than not. Therefore, the fashion-forward woman in your life will appreciate the gift of a replacement shirt.

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Reprise Biker Shorts

Biker Shorts Streetwear
Via Reprise

Price: $95

Streetwear always reverts back to comfort, and biker shorts are the ultimate athleisure item for women. Whether they’re worn with a graphic tee, a coordinating crop top, or an oversized sweatshirt, biker shorts are a flattering and cool (literally and figuratively) way to sport a casual ensemble on a warm day.

Did she just go to a yoga class or is she coming from happy hour at the local bar? The world may never know.

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Urban Outfitters Y2K Low-Rise Cargo Pant

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Price: $69

The early 2000s are back, and these low-rise cargo pants prove it. This neutral style features a relaxed fit with a wide-leg cut, making it both comfortable and fashionable. They’re ideal for the trendy person who is always on the go (potentially via skateboard). Plus, the cargo pocket detailing creates a unique bulky aesthetic without actually weighing you down.

These tan pants are also a perfect transitional piece for winter-to-spring fashion thanks to the light color and airy fit.

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Adidas Essential Waist Pack

Adidas Fanny Pack Streetwear
Via Adidas

Price: $28

Fanny packs haven’t always been considered the hottest accessory, but now all the cool kids are wearing them both around their waists and across their shoulders. Therefore, a woman who’s an avid street style connoisseur needs to add one to her bag collection. Gift her with a classic option that can do no wrong, such as this black Adidas Essential Waist Pack.

Not only are waist bags on-trend, but they’re also insanely convenient for holding belongings. Who needs a purse, anyway?

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PacSun Ripped ’90s Boyfriend Jeans

Streetwear Style Guide for Women
Via PacSun

Price: $59.95

Androgynous clothing is a key component to curating a closet full of streetwear items. Fortunately, women no longer have to actually steal their boyfriends’ clothes to achieve a more masculine look. When it comes to denim, the baggier, the better. PacSun’s boyfriend jeans offer an ultra-loose fit and ripped knees to play up the guy-ish guise.

Tip: Size up when purchasing denim to ensure a more baggy fit!

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Merrell Alpine Sneaker

Streetwear Gifts Sneakers
Via Merrell

Price: $90

No streetwear look is truly complete without a pair of statement sneakers. Will she actually work out in them? Possibly, but not likely. These subtly bold sneakers from Merrell make for diverse styling options and long-lasting wear. The lightweight EVA foam midsole is crafted for stability and comfort so she can strut through the day sans sore feet. With seven different color combinations, you can gift your gal a pair of rainbow kicks or something a little more low-key.

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