CBS cancels ‘Vegas,’ ‘Golden Boy’ and ‘CSI: NY’

TV Ratings: ‘Undercover Boss’ return boosts CBS Friday, while ‘Shark Tank’ helps ABC split

TV Ratings: ‘Shark Tank,’ ‘Blue Bloods’ lead Friday, while ‘Touch’ drops below ‘Fringe’ levels

TV Ratings: ‘Touch,’ ‘The Job’ struggle, while CBS, ABC split Friday

TV Ratings: Season-high ‘Undercover Boss’ lifts CBS on Friday

TV Ratings: ‘Shark Tank,’ ‘Blue Bloods’ lead Friday, while ‘Fringe’ droops pre-finale

TV Ratings: FOX’s Cotton Bowl coverage crushes CBS’ Friday dramas

TV Ratings: ‘Blue Bloods’ and ‘Undercover Boss’ lead CBS on Friday, while ‘Nikita’ rises

TV Ratings: ‘Undercover Boss’ rises, while ‘Nikita,’ ‘Fringe’ and ABC comedies slip on Friday

TV Ratings: ABC’s ‘Malibu Country’ premiere tops NBC telethon, ‘Undercover Boss’ on Friday

TV Ratings: Strong ‘Shark Tank,’ CBS procedurals lead Friday, while ‘Nikita’ returns weak

TV Ratings: ‘Shark Tank,’ ‘Blue Bloods’ lead Friday split, while ‘Fringe’ drops

TV Ratings: ‘Made in Jersey’ craters, ‘Fringe’ dips and ‘Shark Tank’ rises on Friday

TV Ratings: ‘Made in Jersey’ struggles, ‘Fringe’ returns low and ‘Grimm’ leads Friday demos

CBS cancels ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘Unforgettable,’ renews ‘CSI: NY’

TV Ratings: ‘Finder,’ ‘Fringe’ finales rise, while ‘Boss,’ ‘CSI: NY’ close low on Friday

TV Ratings: ‘Shark Tank’ helps ABC split Friday, while ‘Fringe’ drops big

TV Ratings: Renewed ‘Fringe’ ticks up, while ‘Blue Bloods’ leads CBS on Friday