The ‘South Park’ Season Premiere Caused Havoc With People’s Amazon Echos And Google Homes

Entertainment Writer

While some South Park fans were likely too busy focusing on those load bearing walls in their home, the real issues forcing angry white men into the street, and eating free chicken wings, some that tuned into tonight’s South Park premiere had another experience entirely. The episode focused a lot of its time on the kids messing around with Amazon Echo and its Alexa digital assistant, also getting a few jokes in for the Google Home too. It was funny enough as just a joke on the show, but it was a different story for those who own the devices in their own home.

As the episode aired, it apparently kept setting off Alexa and Google to add things to shopping lists, say certain phrases, and just mimic what was happening on television. Just when you think a digital assistant is smarter than you, it is outsmarted by a 21 year old animated show about farts and curse words.

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