‘South Park’ Made A Mess With Amazon, Google, And White Supremacy In Its Season 21 Premiere

South Park has returned for season 21, delivering chicken wings to fans to celebrate the premiere and following through on the reports that the show would tackle white supremacists. Not only did that happen, but the show also brought back some classic jokes, and focused on the increasing popularity of house renovation and flipping entertainment, all while highlighting the trouble with getting too attached to your digital home assistant. It also possibly marked the rumored return of the show to a more stand-alone episode format after its flirtation with being serialized for the past few seasons. This might take a few episodes to fully realize, but it seems like we’re back on that path.

As it is known to do, the show took on the real life issues and events we’ve seen over the past year and brought them into the animated world in their own twisted sorta way. Not only did we find out exactly why those white supremacists are so angry — calling back to the images from Charlottesville without actually trivializing any of it — they managed to roll Google, Amazon, and other tech companies into the mix as the boogeyman causing trouble for everybody this episode.

There will be more in our review tomorrow, but for now, we can just bask in the return and take see how other people are taking some of the show’s stand out moments. But in order to get to those that loved it, we first have to look at those that truly did not enjoy it at all:

But for most everybody else, the premiere brought back a more traditional South Park feel and satisfied. Most were just happy to get back to some normalcy on the show, including the spotlight being brought back to Cartman and Randy Marsh following last season. Cartman quickly seemed to be returning to his old way, ditching his girlfriend Heidi from last season, and Randy was happily transported back to a world where he was completely disconnected from reality while also managing to be the center of attention:

Randy’s story, in particular, seemed to be the true gem of the premiere, with him facing down the angry white nationalists and their tiki torches to find a way to get them to stop protesting Amazon and Google — they took their jobs, after all — all to save his new house renovation show. And in the end, that’s the real reason why anybody is upset and all it takes is a little of that “white people” magic to save the day:

There was a lot more than just Randy to love in the episode, though. If you ever wanted to see a large redneck man attempting to replicate an Alexa, this was the episode for you. It could easily be the hottest product this holiday season if America would only take a chance.

Either way, welcome back South Park. It was good to see things possibly go back to normal.