10 Before And After Pictures Of Walkers From 'The Walking Dead'

In case you’re needing of another reminder, The Walking Dead returns this Sunday for the second half of season three (and sadly, the last episodes in which Glen Mazzara is showrunner, and if you don’t think that showrunners matter, season three compared to the first seasons, and last night’s return of Community should dispel that notion). Anyway, I just thought we’d take a moment to appreciate one aspect of the show that’s not often discussed, and that shouldn’t change with a new showrunner: The make-up effect. The make-up on this show is outstanding, which is why it’s won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special. It’s easy to appreciate the walkers on the show, but it’s even cooler once you consider what the walkers looked like before they sat in the make-up chair.

Here’s a quickie slideshow of 10 of the actors and actresses on the show, and what they looked like before Greg Nicotero got a hold of them.

Lauren Henneberg

PJ McDonell

Clair Danielle Canterbury

Jeremy Ambler

Xan Angelovich

Lilli Birdsell

Max Calder

Amber Chaney

Hines Ward

Addy Miller