The 10 Keys To Being A Badass TV Grandpa

02.05.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

art mullen justified

Art Mullen is a badass.

We’ve known this for awhile, but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes, and last night’s bang-bang-shoot-’em-up episode of Justified was just that: further proof that among badass TV grandpas, Art is second to none right now. I say “right now” because he’s got some competition for the MOST badass AARP member, from Breaking Bad‘s Mike Ehrmantraut and Game of Thrones‘ Tywin Lannister. Rather than having them compete against each other, in a battle of brains, brawn, and Bill Hayes records, let’s instead see what we can learn them, so that one day, our Marshal stifies be as impressive as theirs (ew).

1. Enter every room/conversation/battle on a horse. This is important

tywin horses

2. [SPOILER ALERT?] by your own terms.


3. Still be able to drink with the best of ’em.


4. Speak carefully, harshly, and terrifyingly.


5. LOB MOLOTOV COCKTAILS (a specific example, but that’s nice form, Art).

art molotov 1art molotov 2art molotov 3art molotov 4

6. Find time to spend with your family.


7. Make sure everyone knows you’re still able to get IT up, despite your age.


8. You’re old and wise enough to call everyone out on their bullsh*t.

art bullshit

9. Know that the pen (well, quill) is mightier than the sword, until it’s not.

lannisters regardlannisters regard 2lannisters regard 3_r1_500

10. Recognize a fellow old man badass.


HONORABLE MENTION: can’t forget about you, Hershel.


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