10 Netflix Instant TV Comedy Recommendations That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

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08.16.12 59 Comments

Late last year, our post The 15 Best Series on Netflix Instant went over so well that I thought I’d narrow the scope purely down to comedies, and for those looking for recommendations out of the norm, eliminate some of the more obvious choices like Louie, Parks and Recreation, and Arrested Development. It’s hard to recommend a show that no one has ever heard of — we’re all too hooked in these days that nothing really gets by us — but these are 10 great comedies that maybe flew under your radar. Or maybe you forgot about them before you got around to watching them. Best of all, they’re all available on Netflix Instant, so you can get started tonight (after Louie, of course).

Better Off TedBetter Off Ted is like Arrested Development set in a corporate environment, so in a way, it’s a bit like The Office with a far more offbeat, skewering sense of humor. If that’s not enough to sell you, then all you need to know is their formula for the perfect swear word: Take a person’s most marked physical feature, pair it to genitalia, and end with the suffix tard, gobbler, f–ker. suckler, diggler, gurgler, puffer, queefer, guzzler, jacker, groper, or felcher. (Video Awesomely NSFW)

Green WingGreen Wing is kind of like the British version of Scrubs, only it’s infinitely more bananas. It is ridiculous, off-the-wall, and almost completely unhinged. Yet, once you get past the odd editing style, Green Wing is as addictive as it is bizarre. Check out the (NSFW) clip (and zip ahead to the 1:00 mark) for a profanity-laced rant that would make Dr. Cox proud.

The Inbetweeners — Another brilliant British sitcom (being made into what looks like a dreadful American one for MTV), The Inbetweeners is a cross between The Wonder Years and American Pie, only far more filthy and hilarious than either one, yet it still manages to hit those poignant Kevin Arnold notes. It’s probably the best coming-of-age sitcom of the last ten or 15 years. Again, the clip is NSFW because even shows targeted at teens in the UK are profanity-fueled.

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