10 Ornaments That Will Guarantee You’ll Have The Coolest Christmas Tree This Year

With just 15 shopping days left until Christmas – unless you shop at gas stations on Christmas morning like I do – there’s a good chance that you’ve already put up your Christmas decorations. I’m pretty geeked because I just bought my first ever Christmas tree for my own place, which is up there with paying rent on time and opening an IRA in terms of the most adult things that a person could ever do. Sure, my neighbor probably doesn’t like that I busted in his window and took his tree, but I live in Florida, so no laws were broken.

But a Christmas tree is only as good as the ornaments that we decorate it with, and I wanted to find the absolute best ornaments for my tree this year. Naturally, I turned my attention to Etsy with the hopes that I would find some awesome, handmade pop culture ornaments, and I was not disappointed. I’ve included some of my favorites for you here, but I kept the Kate Upton tree-topper for myself.

I’m sure other people might prefer to have something cooler like a Banana Guard ornament, but I’m a fan of the Ice King, because while he’s evil, he has a plan and he sticks to it.

This is a rather creepy picture of the Dude, but no Christmas tree should be decorated without a Jeff Bridges likeness of some sort on it.

For the retro 90s hipsters out there, here’s a Daria and Jane ornament combo. This is for the person who watched and loved Beavis & Butthead but doesn’t actually want to admit it in his 30s or 40s.

This ornament is just plain awesome. That’s all I have to say about it.

Is it possible that the only reason I wrote this post and searched 75+ pages off Etsy stuff was so I had a reason to post this Breaking Bad ornament? Absolutely.

This Game of Thrones statue is just the most adorable little ornament that you could put on your tree this year. And you might argue that the little picture of your nephew in a felt poinsettia leaf frame is cuter, but you’re very wrong.

I might actually like these ornaments better than the Heisenberg ornament, if that’s possible.

The notion that someone said, “Hey, I’m going to crudely cut out a picture of the Governor’s head, slap a Santa hat on it and sell it for $5 as a Walking Dead ornament” slays me. It also impresses me. E-commerce is alive!

A cartoon classic getting a big screen reboot, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are never irrelevant. Although, I wouldn’t mind an April O’Neil ornament to go along with it. Cartoon April, not Judith Hoag April.

It’s the mascot of royalty and, much more importantly, the Internet, so it should also be the king of your Christmas tree.