15 TV Characters Introduced In 2013 We’re Very Thankful For

11.27.13 4 years ago 66 Comments

olenna tyrell

Thanksgiving is the unofficial beginning of “end of year” season, a time when we look back at the year that was and rank it by what was good, what was awful, and what was Dads. GET EXCITED. To kick things off, and in the spirit of this week’s second best holiday (the lighting of the menorah > forced Thanksgiving conversations with Uncle Ted), let’s revisit some of 2013’s most memorable new characters. Bob Benson should appear in every list.

1. Bob Benson, Mad Men

not great bob

2. Dr. Valentin Narcisse, Boardwalk Empire

dr narcisse

3. Ron Cadillac, Archer


4. Amantha Holden, Rectify

rectify lostrectify lost 2rectify lost 3rectify lost 4

5. Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


6. Colton Rhodes, Justified

Colton Rhodes

7. Alison Hendrix, Orphan Black


8. Country Mac, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

country maccountry mac 2

9. The Summoner, American Dad!

The Summoner

10. “Octavia Spencer,” 30 Rock


11. Dr. Hannibal Lecter (as played by Mads Mikkelsen), Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen

12. Olenna Tyrell, Game of Thrones

olenna tyrell

13. Trent, Breaking Bad


14. Nicky Nichols, Orange Is the New Black

Nicky Nichols taco night

15. Ferguson, New Girl


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