’30 Rock’ to Do a Live Episode — Twice

07.30.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

As the network executives conduct their press tours, we’re getting some decent tidbits about next fall’s shows. For example, Angela Bromstad, NBC’s president of primetime entertainment, announced that “30 Rock” is planning on doing a live show next season, with the cast performing live for the Eastern and Central Time Zones, and then a second time for the West Coast. She didn’t specify anything about the Mountain Time Zone. Poor Mountain Time Zone. You only matter when people go skiing.

Anyway, I like the move. Enough of the actors on “30 Rock” have “SNL” experience that it shouldn’t be too big of a leap, so it should be a good way to showcase the very funny cast plus whatever hat Judah Friedlander wears that week. That guys is f*ckin USELESS. He’s like teats on a boar hog. Unfunny, cancerous teats.

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