56 Fantasy Football League Names Inspired By FXX’s ‘The League’

Last year, a guy from Reddit compiled a list of the 5,000 most popular team names in ESPN leagues, and what I discovered in going through the list is that The League has had a noticeable influence on both league names and team names. In fact, last year, there were a whopping 2,414 ESPN teams with the name “Password is Taco.” Overall, there were 12 The League-inspired fantasy football team names among the top 5,000. This year, I’d like to see that number even higher.

Fantasy football drafts are going on all around the country this week, eight days out now from opening day. You don’t want to waste a lot of valuable research time trying to think up a team name. Uproxx and The League (which returns Wednesday, September 4th) are here for you. After combing over five seasons of The League, I’ve assembled 56 team (or league) names inspired by the FXX series.

Choose wisely.

1. “The Murder Boners”

2. “The Mouth-Like Anuses”

3. “Password is Taco”

4. “The Bobbum Men”

5. “The Scrote Squad”

6. “Mr. McGibblets

7. “The Shiva Blasts”

8. “Dick Cream”

9. “Sports Performance Utility Nutrition Kick (SPUNK)”

10. “Sacko del Toro”

11. “TacoCorp

12. “Lady Loads”

13. “The Dick Punches”


15. “Double Dropping Deuces”

16. “The Mental Erections”

17. “Tit Whiskey”

18. “The Arigato Racists”

19. “The Forever Uncleans”

20. “The Intellerections”

21. “For All Intensive Purposes”

22. “The Goat Scrotes”

23. “The War Boners”

24. “The Sexual Dry Heaves”

25. “Tinker Stinkers”

26. “The Little Lord Fauntleroys

27. “The Mushmouthed Bean Town Jackasses”

28. “The Rafi Bombs”

29. “The Fear Boners”

30. “The Breastalyzers”

31. “Yobogoya!”

32. “$7 Worth of Hoobastank”

33. “The Trade Rapists”

34. “Kegel the Elves”

35. “Ramona Neopolitano”

36. “The Mayan A-Cock-and-Lips”

37. “Masturbation Impotence”

38. “La Lucha”

39. “Jizzclosure

40. “Genital Jambalaya”

41. “The Fantasy Football Concussions”

42. “The Ol’ Smoke Crotches”

43. “The Backyard Sh*tters”

44. “The Brown Notes”

45. “The Chalupa Batmans”

46. “The White Knucklers

47. “The Shivakaminis”

48. “The Horsegasms”

49. “The Vinegar Strokes”

50. “The Golden Gate Bridge”

51. “The Double Ent-Andres”

52. “The Ruxin Looks Like a Middle-Aged Lesbians”

53. “Stephen Hawking’s Cleats”

54. “The Balls Deeper”

55. “Brolo el Cuñado”

56. “The Dirty Randys”

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