In Which Eight Of Your Favorite TV Characters Get Richard Harrow’d

Richard Harrow’s Boardwalk Empire highlight reel would be 15 minutes of non-stop awesomeness. His storming the gates scene in last season’s finale, “Margate Sands,” was a bloodbath for the ages, to say nothing (other than “hm.”) of the dozen other unlucky schmucks he’s shot down since first showing up in “Home.” In Boardwalk‘s fourth season premiere, which airs Sunday, Richard wastes no time wasting people; I won’t say who or why, but for anyone who craves TV violence as much as the Tin Woodsman does oil, you won’t be disappointed.

In case you couldn’t tell, Richard is one of my favorite characters on TV — he’s a sympathetic sniper, a delectable cocktail of heart and shoot-you-in-the-heart. On a show full of memorable gangsters, murderers, and bootleggers, he’s the most unforgettable, so Mr. Burnsy and I wondered what it’d look like if eight of our other most beloved TV characters from different shows wore Richard’s trademark half-mask. (It looks terrifying and amazing.)

Walter White

Tobias Fünke

Tina Belcher

Ron Swanson

Louie C.K.

Kenny Powers

Crazy Eyes (“Eye”?)

Fat Mac