This 8-Year Old ‘India’s Got Talent’ Contestant Is The Coolest Kid On Earth

Until tonight, I don’t think I’ve watched more than five minutes of America’s Got Talent, let alone one second of India’s Got Talent, but thanks to 8-year old Akshat Singh, I’m now inclined to watch a lot more of the latter. The hip young boy busted out every dance move in the book on his recent appearance on his country’s televised talent show, and even if he doesn’t go on to win the whole thing, he’s at least guaranteed to be the most popular man on campus at whatever college he ends up attending. He’s only missing the Hawaiian shirt.

I could only understand bits and pieces of what the judges were saying to Akshat when he was finished, but if it had been me at that table, I would have just kept screaming, “How did you pull off that split, dude?!?!” Also, for you NBA fans out there, I swear he looks like a miniature Glen Davis.