The Stars Of Your Favorite Late 90s Tween Shows Are Lining Up To Host Podcasts All About…Your Favorite Late 90s Tween Shows

After the great podcast boom of 2018, you might have thought that you had heard of every re-watch podcast out there. For any given show you could ever want to watch (or re-watch), there was at least one podcast (if not two) that would accompany you on your journey. Instead of skimming the depths of Wikipedia in order to find out filming locations, you could simply just listen to your favorite actors talk about putting on your favorite show, and that’s a lot easier than reading it!

Another handful of early 2000s/late ’90s shows is getting the podcast treatment this year, this time from various former Disney Channel stars. Led by Christy Carlson Romano, PodCo is a new podcast network that will host re-watched of various tween shows you used to know and maybe loved.

Upcoming podcasts include Wizards Of Waverly Pod, a Wizards of Waverly Place podcast hosted by the show’s stars Jennifer Sone and David DeLuise. New episodes will premiere Mondays and follow the popular Disney Channel show, with guest appearances from Selena Gomez, who is very familiar with podcasts.

The original trio from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Devon Werkheiser, Lindsay Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee will reunite once again for Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide beginning on Feb. 15th. The Brotherly Love Podcast, hosted by brothers Joey, Matt, and Andy Lawrence, will launch on Feb. 24.

Finally, Even More Stevens will be hosted by Romano herself, alongside Nick Spano and Steven Anthony Lawrence, and is set to premiere in March. So you have time to re-watch the original series once before rewatching it again. That’s the only way to do this successfully.

(Via Variety)