A Brief Tribute To Britta Perry’s Inspirational ‘Me So Christmas’ Song And Dance

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12.06.12 24 Comments

The biggest bummer/travesty/bummavesty of the Community postponement (unless we can somehow blame NBC for the tragic misuse of Joel McHale on SOA) is the lack of appropriately timed holiday-themed episodes. I’m a stickler for order and continuity, so the idea of being denied Community Halloween and Christmas episodes that help define the seasons on the internet is a borderline injustice.

Instead of wallowing, how about we take a moment to discuss a scene from last year’s “Regional Holiday Music” episode that’s near and dear to my heart: Britta’s tree dance/”me so Christmas”/heart’s song. Everything about it — from the random hilarity to the Britta-ness to Gillian Jacobs’s ain’t care attitude to the awkward sexuality of the spectacle — makes me happy.

To start, let’s re-watch…

OK. Take a minute to re-group. All set? Sure? Good. So what about this move?

It’s like a Bluth chicken dance meets a peacock presenting himself meets sexy gimp cosplay. And that’s how wonderful it is even before the lyrics. All of Britta’s songs are essentially variations of three word sentence fragments the equivalent of musings of a three year-old. And then there’s this Broadway-level wind up…

And what about the supporting roles in the scene…

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