A Dead Horse from 'Luck' Is Reviewing HBO's 'Girls'

When I mentioned the other day that every jackass on the Internet has an opinion on HBO’s “Girls,” I didn’t know how right I was. In fact, even a dead horse from the now canceled HBO series “Luck” has started a Twitter account, LUCKHorseOnGirls, devoted to reviewing Lena Dunham’s new show. As you may recall, “Luck” was canceled midway through production on the second season after several horses died on set. The cancelation was a bloodbath for HBO, which lost $35 million on the program. But it’s one of the dead horses from the show that’s feeling most bitter. He started the Twitter account during last Sunday night’s episode, describing himself as a horse who “died on the set of HBO’s Luck. Now I hate-watch ‘Girls.'”

He’s pretty great at it, too. Here’s a few of his best tweets, so far.