A Florida Woman Named Ashley Burns Won Big On 'Wheel Of Fortune'

It’s not usually a big deal when someone wins on Wheel of Fortune, because it happens every night. In fact, the only news that should ever be reported about America’s second favorite game show (The Price is Right, FTW) would be if they changed the rules so that people actually had to declare bankruptcy when they landed on bankrupt.

However, I can make an exception to that rule when the person who wins has the same name as me. And I guess if she also does something cool like giving a bunch of money to charity.

It was a dream come true for Ashley Burns.

HAHA SHE HAS A BOY’S NAME! Anyway, you were saying?

Burns taped the show in January. It aired Monday night.

Like a lot of contestants, she chose to have a watch party to celebrate the event.

But she added something special to her party: fundraising.

She had several raffles at the party to raise money for the North Palm Beach Rowing Club, an organization that works with teens. (Via WPBF News)

I’ve reached out to Burns to ask her about big win and if she ever gets tired of people asking her, “Hey, are you that incredibly talented and hilarious blogger?” Also, I hope she doesn’t try to Highlander me. That would suck.

UPDATE: I was able to ask the female Ashley Burns and Wheel of Fortune champion some questions, and now I have to go get my Claymore sword from the pawn shop just in case.