An Awesome Map Of The United States Featuring The Locations Of 113 Television Series

I love these series of maps with state specific information about television shows and movies. This map, for instance, assigns a movie set in and best represents each state; likewise, this does the same for television shows; and this one for the best beer from each state. The above map comes from British artist and physicist James Chapman, and shows the locations of a lot of your favorite television series, including both real and fictional towns, which gives everyone an excuse to say, “Hey! That show is filmed in my home state.” Sadly, my home state of Arkansas is not represented (Evening Shade, thank you very much!), while my current state of residence, Maine, is sadly only represented by Dark Shadows and Murder She Wrote (no Once Upon a Time?).

Click on the map for a larger look. What else is missing (besides Justified in Kentucky)? Also, if your nerdish predilections swing toward architecture, here’s the detailed floor plans for a bunch of TV Shows, including The Simpsons (below).