A Seattle News Station Got Three People High And Gave Them A Driving Test, Because Of Journalism

Let’s get the facts out of the way first: This is a video from CBS’s Seattle affiliate, KIRO, in which they give three people a bunch of marijuana, have them smoke it in a tent, then give them a driving test. (Washington recently legalized recreational marijuana use, so it’s totally legit. Ish.) The results are pretty much what you’d expect. Small amounts of pot didn’t make a huge difference in the participants’ ability to operate a car, but as they smoked more and more, they started having trouble navigating the course and a police officer who was observing them said he would be more likely to pull them over. Science, journalism, reckless shenanigans, etc. Got it? Great. Moving on.

The real reason I’m posting this video is because Addy, the young woman pictured above dressed like a cartoon pot smoker, is a tremendous human being. She shows up to the whole thing — a driving test where she will be given free weed, mind you — with three times the legal limit of marijuana coursing through her body, then she smokes more and still outperforms both of the male participants. The best part is around the 3:45 mark, where she’s careening around corners, laughing maniacally, and announcing “One time in your life you get a chance to do this, you should do it. You should DOOOO IT!”

Carpe diem, Addy. Carpe diem.

Gawker via BroBible