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Last week, FilmDrunk speculated that a possible remake of Teen Wolf isn’t the worst idea.  And it isn’t, at least as long as it isn’t being remade as a series on MTV.  Oh hey guess what?

MTV announced new projects in development, including a TV series version of 1980s movie “Teen Wolf.” Here’s the rundown from the release:

A reinvention of the classic ‘80s movie for today’s MTV audience, this show will draw from the horror genre to explore werewolf mythology, and include a sweeping romantic saga at the center.

“Teen Wolf” is written by Jeff Davis (creator and executive producer of “Criminal Minds”).

Let that one sink in for a second: “sweeping romantic saga.”  Cut to the Hollywood brainstorming session six months ago: “So, okay.  Teen Wolf.  Everybody loves him.  But he needs to appeal more to our audience.”  “You’re saying it should be more like Twilight?”  “Bingo.”  **everyone farts in approval**

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