Aaron Paul Gets Another Chance To Lose On ‘The Price Is Right’

Back in 2000, before Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul was famous, he was a contestant on The Price Is Right, where he lost the showcase showdown (and a new car) by a very slight overbid. But on The Late Late Show, James Corden gave him a chance to redeem himself by breaking bad themselves, sneaking onto the set of the show and trying again.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Paul do the all-time greatest victory celebration. Well, at least Corden didn’t go full Bob Barker and tell him, “The price is wrong, bitch.”

Later in the show, Paul talks about that fateful day back in 2000, when he was hoping to replace his 1982 Toyota Corolla that couldn’t be put in second gear without grinding and filled with water every time it rained. He was depressed and wanted to go home after losing the showcase, but — as he tells Corden in this follow-up video — his buddy stuck around for a second taping and won a trip to Fuji, London, and New Orleans. Paul calls him a swearword, but not the one we would have guessed.

Some people just can’t catch a break.

(Via The Late Late Show With James Corden)