‘Fear The Walking Dead’ May Have Hinted At Which ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Will Cross Over Next Season

Last week, Robert Kirkman announced that Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead would cross over next season. Kirkman offered no other details, but that didn’t stop the Internet from speculating.

My first thought was that Heath from The Walking Dead — missing since the middle of last season — would make his way over to Fear the Walking Dead, but then I remembered that the two shows were on different timelines (The Walking Dead is about two years ahead of Fear). My second thought was that perhaps Alicia would cross over onto The Walking Dead potentially after the fourth season — and perhaps series — finale of Fear. But that doesn’t jibe well, either.

Then on Friday, I cast skepticism on speculation that it would be Abraham crossing over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead. Such speculation had been prompted by two tweets from Michael Cudlitz, which he delivered soon after the crossover announcement.

The reason I was doubtful is because we know where Abraham was during the time period Fear the Walking Dead is set in. He was holed up in a grocery store with his family in Houston. Fear the Walking Dead is set 1500 miles away in Tijuana. It just didn’t track: How could characters from Fear the Walking Dead possibly end up in Houston?

The third season finale of Fear the Walking Dead answered that question. In fact, in the two-hour finale, Proctor John — played by Fear newbie Ray McKinnon — mentioned Texas no less than three times, and Houston specifically at least twice. He has plans to open up a trade route between Tijuana and Houston, with he and his men controlling all the land between the two places. He even made plans to enroll Alicia in that gambit.

So, Fear is headed to Houston, where the remaining characters will meet up with Abraham, right?

Maybe! There’s just one problem with that theory: We don’t know who survived the Fear the Walking Dead season finale. Proctor John may be dead. In fact, Nick, Alicia, and Strand may all be dead, as well. Moreover, even if those characters did manage to survive, at this point, Proctor John wants to kill Alicia, Nick, Madison and Strand. How could they possibly work together to open up a trade route to Houston if they hate each other?

There’s a few possibilities. Proctor John may be dead, and perhaps Madison decides to take over his operation. Or, Proctor John survives, and Strand uses his con-man skills to work himself back into the good graces of Proctor John. Or maybe they all set off toward Houston independent of the trade route mission.

Or, it could be just a coincidence that Michael Cudlitz announces something big is coming during the same week that Robert Kirkman announces a crossover episode and Proctor John speaks of a plan to relocate to Houston. That’s what outgoing showrunner Scott Erickson seems to suggest, as he told Deadline:

Look, that city is a happy coincidence. The idea of Texas really came from the Proctor John character, nothing more planned there.

Huh. Maybe they don’t go to Houston, after all, and maybe Abraham never crosses over, and Morales joins the Fear cast next season, after all.

We’ll find out in June 2018.

(Via Deadline)

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