‘Star Wars’ Superfan Adam Scott Loses His Mind When He Meets Mark Hamill

When I was four, maybe five years old, I invited my childhood heroes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to my birthday party. Unfortunately, only Donatello showed up (he’s such a buzzkill), but I still had better luck than Adam Scott, who, for his second birthday, wrote a letter to Mark Hamill, asking him to come to his party. “I thought at least, if he got it, and he was able to, if his schedule was clear,” the Parks and Recreation star told Kristen Bell (who was filling in for Jimmy Kimmel), “he was probably gonna come.”

He didn’t come.

Scott wasn’t crushed, because he knew Hamill must have been “incredibly busy” filming The Empire Strikes Back, or watching C-3PO dance on The Muppet Show, but he was a little bummed. (He was also misremembering the story; he previously tweeted that it was for his seventh birthday party, which is around the time Hamill was shooting Empire — Scott turned two before the original Star Wars was even released.) Bell, meanwhile, had a surprise up her sleeve: to celebrate May the Fourth, a.k.a. Star Wars Day, she invited Hamill to appear on the show, and her The Good Place co-star proceeded to lose “f*cking” mind.

“Happy belated birthday,” Luke Skywalker told Scott, after presenting him with a green lightsaber. “I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I was checking my diary, and that week I had two other birthdays, a bar mitzvah, and a supermarket opening.” Scott didn’t seem to mind. “This really is one of the best moments of my life,” he gushed. “It really is.” Maybe next year, Scott can get that party animal Lobot to come to his daughter’s birthday.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)