‘SNL’ Shows How Adele Is The One Person Who Can Unite Us All

This Thanksgiving, when you’re arguing with your racist uncle and senile aunt about Donald Trump and “The ISIS” (good band name), take a deep breathe, walk away from the dinner table, find the nearest CD player (it’s your family’s house; there’s an old CD player somewhere), and blast some Adele. The arguing will immediately cease. Everyone will be too busy belting out “Hello.”

Adele is the biggest thing in music right now (25 could sell 2.5 million copies, or 100,000 more than the current title-holder for the most records moved in a single week), and SNL was lucky to book her as a musical guest. She never shows up in the above sketch (which isn’t as good as Emma Stone’s sobbing “Someone Like You,” but it’s equally accurate), but her powerful presence is certainly felt.

She’s the “one thing that unites us all.”

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