Adrien Grenier Is Going To Space In A Balloon As The ‘Chief Earth Advocate’ For A Space Tourism Startup

Adrien Grenier’s newest gig is a role that his Entourage counterpart Vincent Chase would be proud of, maybe. I don’t know, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Entourage and I remember absolutely nothing about Vincent Chase’s personality or interests. But he did play Aquaman, so maybe Vincent Chase cares about the environment. Anyways, I hope you are sitting down because this is huge: Entourage star Adrien Grenier is going to space . . . in a balloon.

The startup World View is developing a space balloon, a capsule that will launch tourists into almost but not nearly space, set to launch in 2024. World View’s capsules are designed to be lifted by a zero-pressure stratospheric balloon, rising 30,000 meters above giving passengers a view of the Earth’s curvature, aka the thin blue line of the atmosphere and the darkness of outer space. World View, which will offer trips in its capsules for a small fee of $50,000 per seat, has named Grenier its Chief Earth Advocate, according to Robb Report.

“If that isn’t the coolest title ever, I don’t know what is,” Grenier, a UN environment ambassador, told Robb Report. “I’m excited about the mission to inspire shifts in perception, shifts in people, so that everyone can participate in a radically improved future,” Grenier, who gets to enjoy a ride as a part of the gig, continued. “By allowing people to have those profound cognitive changes in their perception, we can activate together to build that future.”

The role of Chief Earth Advocate which is “largely undefined” according to Grenier, sounds a lot like advocating for the environment and space tourism by… convincing rich people to take a $50,000 ride to almost space. “I’m on the list, which is the perfect segue to remind people that they can reserve their place in line, and if they use my name, they get 20 percent off the reservation fee,” Grenier said. Putting yourself on the list will cost a very reasonable $500, btw.