What The Hell Is Going On In Adult Swim’s Spectacular ‘Too Many Cooks’?

Normally, when someone sends us a video that is longer than 10-minutes, we’re all like, “10 minutes? What are we, immortal?” But people are raving about this 11-minute Adult Swim video entitled, “Too Many Cooks,” that apparently aired recently during television’s standard infomercial time slots, and it might be the most fascinating video that I’ve watched in 2014. It starts out like it’s going to be a straight-forward parody of 80s family sitcoms, with the classic TGIF-style intro that features a cheesy theme song and the cast posing like morons as if they were just stopped by a camera and that doesn’t frighten them at all.

But then Casper Kelly’s creation gets weird. And after it gets weird, it gets really weird. Then, it gets REALLY F*CKING WEIRD. I have no clue what the point is, but I love “Too Many Cooks” so much. More please.

(H/T to Fark)