AFI Names The 10 Best TV Shows Of 2012, Snubs Raylan Givens

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12.11.12 64 Comments

There are a lot of great television shows on the air now, and one of them is not American Horror Story: Asylum, which is a ridiculously entertaining, nutballs genre show that is more suitable to a list of the 10 Best Shows In Which the Showrunners Work Out Their Psychosexual Issues. Yet, it occupies a place on AFI’s List of the 10 Best Shows of 2012 instead of Justified because there is no Santa Claus. There’s one television movie (HBO’s Game Change) and also only one representative from network television. You think it’s Parks and Recreation? Community? Happy Endings? New Girl? No, of course not. It’s the one these critics organizations ALWAYS pick: Modern Family.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Shows, according to AFI. They don’t rank them, but I’m going to rank their choices on their behalf.

10. American Horror Story: Asylum

9. Game Change

8. Modern Family

7. Girls

6. Homeland

5. The Walking Dead

4. Louie

3. Mad Men

2. Game of Thrones

1. Breaking Bad

This list displeases Ava Crowder.

(Source: AFI)

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