Inhumans Run Wild In This Sneak Peek At ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season Three

With word that the Secret Warriors were going to be a big part of this season’s Agents of SHIELD and the introduction of some new bad Inhumans from Marvel’s comic history, you knew that season three of Agents Of SHIELD was going to shape up to be one of the more superheroic to this point. That doesn’t mean the series will suddenly turn into some great addition to your television lineup, but it will continue to provide some entertainment from time to time, and at a greater budget.

In the sneak peek above from Yahoo, we get a look at Daisy Johnson in full SHIELD/Secret Warriors and she seems to be helping them track down any other loose Inhumans while also still dealing with the lingering threats from last season. Gone are the days when all this team had to worry about was HYDRA and some guys being injected with exploding orange Extremis goop.

We also seem to get a shadowy first look at Lash, who some people kinda hated, but does manage to bring some interesting visuals to the show’s villain selection. I suppose when The Flash is having battles with Giant Apes and guys in yellow costumes that the competition will start to mean a bit more.

So whether you’re hate watching the show or actually enjoy it, you’re probably in for an escalation in terms of what kind of action we get to see on the show. Here’s hoping it can provide an entire season of good episodes instead of just a handful each time out.

(Via Yahoo)